Hire the right candidate, the first time

We’ll help you find better candidates, in less time, with less risk of a bad hire

Finding the right technical talent is hard enough these days.  Evaluating that talent for cultural, technical and leadership fit is even harder.  Having a trusted advisor who knows the technical landscape, and whose only concern is helping you make the right hire makes all the difference.  That’s where we come in.

  • Avoid costly ‘bad hire’ scenarios and avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses.
  • Save as much as 37% over traditional recruiting agencies and attract better candidates.
  • Hire right the first time, and retain more of the talent that you source for a longer period of time.
  • Sell your company and your positions with better results.
  • Attract, evaluate and hire better quality candidates faster, and for less money.
  • Evaluate candidate experience and qualifications with complete confidence.
  • Select the right candidate based on decades of experience, not puzzle solutions or personality quizzes.

Are you struggling to find and evaluate IT candidates?

You're not alone. From business analysts to agile coaches, and from senior developers to CTO’s, regardless of what position you’re trying to fill, we’ve got you covered.
Find and hire the right technical talent today!

Attract better qualified candidates, save more money, and make the right hiring decision.

Avoid Costly Bad Hires

Where bad hire simply means 'didn't work out', the costs of missing on a technical hire are much higher than you may think.

Bad Hires Are Expensive

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates bad hire costs at 30% of an employees annual salary. Other surveys and research cite much higher numbers. In the technology sector, where employees are literally working on systems that “keep the lights on” on a daily basis, we estimate the loss at closer to 150% to 300% of annual salary once you factor in lost opportunity costs.

Save Money On Recruiting

Recruiters charge premium money for services of very questionable value. It's time we said 'enough is enough already'.

Stop paying good money for grunt work

Recruiting agency fees are astronomical these days and the quality of candidates delivered is often quite suspect. We’ve taken a very different approach to recruiting that allows us to achieve better results for significantly less money. In most cases, up to 37% less than traditional recruiters charge. Yet our services far exceed that of most traditional recruiters, and our results speak for themselves.

Keep Your Hard Won Employees

Stop watching your high dollar technical talent wander out the door 12 months after hiring them! Stop recruiting and start building!

Retention Starts With Hiring!

We’ve never understood why retention efforts largely ignore the hiring process itself, but it happens everywhere we go. Hire the right candidate and put them in a position to succeed and they’re much more likely to stick around. Defining who ‘the right candidate’ is can be tricky though. Fear not as we have decades of experience and we’re here to help!


From site visits to position descriptions.

Setting You, and Your Candidates Up For Success

First and foremost, we want to understand you, your company, your team, your tools and your environment. We can’t imagine trying to help you make a long term investment in an employee — an investment that could easily exceed 500k dollars — without first really getting to know what makes you tick. So we visit you, onsite to get the lay of the land.


Active or Passive, we'll show you how to attract quality candidates.

Sustainable, Responsible Sourcing with Integrity

You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Unfortunately, most job postings are pure white distilled vinegar with nothing even remotely sweet to tempt a highly skilled technology specialist. Consequently, most job seekers quit reading after the first few sentences. Hiring is more about marketing than you may realize. We can help with that.


Sorting the diamonds from the cut glass

Our Core Service and Greatest Strength

We’ve been hiring technical candidates for decades not based on fancy algorithms or personality tests, but based on our hard earned experience in the trenches leading projects and teams. We’re not professional interviewers. We’re IT professionals who excel at interviewing technical candidates. No Gimmicks. No systems to scam. Just results.

Our Guarantee

We put our money where our mouth is.

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

We don’t sell snake oil. We believe so strongly in our ability to help you make the right hiring decision, we put our money where our mouth is. If you have to terminate a RightTech Best Fit endorsed candidate in the first six months of their employment, we’ll refund to you 150% of the service fee we originally charged, subject to certain terms and conditions.

RightTech takes a holistic, experience based approach to hiring technical talent

The “right fit” is more than a cliche with us. We know what makes IT folks tick, and how Startups differ from Enterprise Environments. Our services are based on years of experience and a proven record of success over decades in team building and hiring of technical talent!

Find and hire the right
technical talent today!

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